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For my own reference.

 (But anyone can read it if they want. Obviously. Otherwise I'd have made it private.)

Spring: Garden Zones 3, 4, 16. Cabbage(6), onion(12), pink turnip(3), strawberry(9, 2), pink melon(7). Toyherb(2), moondrop(7), cherry grass(6), lamp grass(18), emery flower(27). Blue crystal(16).

Summer: Garden Zones 1, 9, 10, 12. Cucumber(6, 2), corn (13, 2), eggplant(9, 2), pumpkin(10), tomato(11, 1). Pink cat(4), fire flower(6), Ironleaf(25), 4-leaf clover(10). Green crystal(16).

Fall: Garden Zone 11. Carrot(8), green bell pepper(9, 2), potato(3), spinach(2), yam (6,1). Charm blue(6), autumn grass(15), pom-pom grass(22). Red crystal(16).

Winter: Garden Zones 5, 6, 7. White cabbage(12), daikon(7), hot-hot fruit(18), leek(6), turnip(3). Noel grass(24). White crystal(16).

Numbers in parentheses are growth times in days, assuming normal land fertility. Crops with two numbers can be harvested repeatedly, the second is the time between harvests.

Residential Zones have the normal seasonal cycle. Unnamed Garden Zones are unsuitable for Micah's farming style.

Anything that exists in the "real" world is common. Anything invented for Rune Factory is rare. Crystals are extra-rare.

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